A highly popular phenomenon sweeping the nation, the instant photo booth in Singapore, can be seen at many events including weddings, corporate dinner & dance parties and even large international conferences. These photo booths have become popular due to their ability to print out photos immediately after they are taken, providing guests with the satisfaction of receiving a special, customised gift to remember the night by. In addition, the best photo booth in Singapore would also provide value-added features including the ability to customise the design of the photo printout with various other collaterals.

In addition, there is one more feature that is only present in the latest photo booths of today: the ability to integrate seamlessly with social media.

With a staggering 83% of Singapore’s population actively using social media, it has become important for all businesses and services to make full use of the technological capabilities available to them. The situation is not much different with photo booths. Fortunately, Cloud Booth photo booths are all integrated with Facebook. What does that entail, and what advantages can this integration bring? In this article, we’ll explain the 3 main advantages of photo booths that are synced with social media platforms.

1. The guests and host both have access to a digital copy of all the pictures

With social media, both the guests and the host are able to digitally download all the pictures taken at the event, thereby removing the need for individual emails laboriously sent by you after the event. All pictures that are taken at a Cloud Booth photo booth will be uploaded onto a public album on Cloud Booth’s Facebook page. Once guests find our Facebook page, they can simply download their picture at the tap of a button, perfect if they absolutely love the picture that was taken!

2. Easy photo access for event organisers

At the end of the event, the event organisers can download the whole album conveniently. These pictures can be used in any future marketing or promotional materials that the company may produce. Because there is no storage limit on social media sites, these pictures can stay on Facebook for as long as you need. Companies can use these pictures as branding, for instance, for their workplace, thereby attracting future employees with the lively and fun-looking pictures taken showing the vibrant and positive company culture. Facebook, in essence, provide a one-stop easy-access picture collation platform for any company’s corporate/public relations function.

3. Immediate, real-time uploading of all pictures taken

Finally, time is certainly of the essence when it comes to photo booths. Besides printing pictures at instant speed, the modern photo booth can also upload the pictures onto Facebook as they are printed! This is both exciting and very convenient, as this feature allows guests to share their pictures immediately on Facebook, inviting likes and comments from their friends, family and coworkers. This media attention is what gives event hosting companies the edge when they hire our instant photo booth for events. With this immediate promotion and lasting social media presence, their event will be heard and talked about online for many weeks to come.


Without a doubt, the integration of Facebook in the Cloud Booth photo booths have become a big hit.