Event photography in Singapore is all the rage. Step into any wedding, party or celebration and you are certain to see a cameraman snapping away. While the importance of conventional event photography can never be understated, there is a new type of photography service that is sweeping the nation. It is called the Roving Photography service.

Think of this new service as a hybrid of event photography and instant photo booth in Singapore. Essentially, it is a photography service that is dedicated to guests. The roving photographer will roam around the event venue and ask your guests if they would like to have a picture taken. These pictures will be edited onsite and printed on high-quality photo paper during the event. Guests can pick up their pictures moments later, completely free of charge. So why should you consider having a roving photographer at your event? Here are the crucial benefits of this innovative photography service.

A photography service completely focused on your guests

With typical event photography, sometimes your guests end up taking the back seat while the photographer chases after the Guest-of-Honour or the bride and groom. It may also be hard or awkward for guests to approach someone with a camera to take a picture, as they will not know how they can retrieve those photos. Fortunately, with the roving photographer, all those problems will be solved. The roving photographer’s job is to provide guests with gorgeous printed photographs of them, and he/she will also inform guests where and when they can pick up their printed photographs. In addition, guests can also download the picture digitally off the internet too. This way, guests will never feel deprived of a photo opportunity. They will certainly walk away from the event feeling satisfied.

Instant, on-site photo editing for immediate use

The thing about event photography is that it can take some time before the photo is ready for use. Photographers, after the event, will take some time to sieve through the pictures they have taken before selecting and editing the ones they think are the best. It could be days before the photos are ready to be posted on social media or for use by a company’s marketing department. A great Roving Photography service solves this problem completely by having an on-site photo editor. All images that are taken by the roving photographer are sent to the photo editor instantly and automatically and the editor gets to work right away. By the end of the event, all photos are ready to be distributed online and also printed for guests. It is perfect for companies who would like quality pictures for their social media instantly.

A team of experienced and professional photographers

Being a roving photographer is not easy. They will need to roam around the event venue with professional equipment, invite guests to take photographs and ensure that lighting used is perfect for the photos. These are tasks that require years of photography experience to perform well. This requires the Roving Photography team to be well-versed and experienced professionals. They are ready to face any difficulties or challenges that may come their way during the job. Event managers will certainly be impressed at their nimbleness, polite way of communication and, most importantly, the quality of their pictures.

A roving photography team will certainly be a welcome addition to any event.