Cloud Booth’s instant photo booth in Singapore is a great place to unleash your creative potential. Often seen at weddings and parties, our photo booths boast a wonderful variety of props that you may use during your photo shoot. You will often see tables of beautiful props laid out beside the photo booth before you even step into it. Take your pick to make your photo booth picture fun, cool or even mysterious. You can even invite your friends to collaborate on the photo by choosing similarly themed props. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure your props create the perfect mood at your next instant photo booth experience.

Tip #1: Decide on a theme

Themes are central ideas to frame your photograph around. Themes can be based on the general mood of the photograph or can be based on props. For instance, for a cool action theme, you can pick up a few of the sleek metallic toy guns, classy shades or toy swords. If you want a prop-based theme instead, you can consider making everyone hold or wear the same item, such as glasses or stuffed toys. If your theme is set, it is easier for all the people in your photograph to decide how to pose with your props. Get ready to have a blast in your photo booth!

Tip #2: Pick props based on the theme of the event or the backdrop of the photo

Sometimes, you can use inspirations around you to decide which props to use. With the best photo booth, the event’s organiser will likely have already pre-selected a backdrop for the photo booth. These backdrops can guide you in choosing props. As an example, if the backdrop is bright, light and fun, then you may increase the cheeriness of the photo by opting for colourful props – such as toy roses, brightly-coloured masks or placards of ice cream and donuts!

If your event organiser has already decided on a theme, then you may choose to commemorate the occasion by following the decided theme. At a wedding, you may choose more romance-related props, like toy roses, or placards that say things like, “Wedding Crasher!”

Tip #3: Follow your gut and have fun with it!

Finally, of course, there is nothing like just winging it! After all, the photo booth experience is meant to be a fun, stress-free time in front of the camera. Simply select one or two props that speak out to you, and let the camera start snapping away! The best thing about our Cloud Booth photo booth is that you can take your pictures as many times as you like, so don’t be afraid to fail and try again with a new prop or idea.


Props certainly make the photo booth experience much more fun and interesting. The next time you step into a Cloud Booth photo booth, be sure to make use of the props you see to their fullest potential!