If you are organising a grand event – whether it be a lavish wedding or a posh company dinner & dance – you might want to consider hiring a roving photographer Singapore. A step up from typical event photography and the ever common instant photo booth Singapore, a roving photography service brings together the best of both worlds. Guests can enjoy beautiful photography from the comfort of their dinner tables as our trained photographer(s) roam about the event asking to take their pictures. Then, they can collect their high quality printed photographs as they are leaving the event. Roving photography services have gained popularity recently as a complementary service provided to guests at all types of events. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

#1: A professional photography team dedicated to your guests

Unlike most event photographers, our professional team of roving photographers are there wholly for your guests. Throughout the whole event, they will only be focused on taking gorgeous photographs of your guests as they roam around the event. This means that they won’t be distracted by any other random occurrence that may happen, for instance on stage, during event and their attention is focused solely towards ensuring your guests will receive a photo printout, a great keepsake to bring home. Our team – consisting of an experienced events and wedding photographer, photo editor and assistant – will certainly help all your guests ensure that they receive a picture perfect photo.

#2: Capturing your guests in their most comfortable environment

A common hassle of classic photo booths is that guests must physically travel to the photo booth to have their picture taken. This can pose a great inconvenience as your event may be relatively crowded or some guests may have difficulty moving about. Fortunately, the roving photography service solves that problem altogether. Our friendly photographer will go around the event venue, politely ask guests if they would like to have a photo taken, and guests will just need to stand up and pose for the camera. These photos are sent wirelessly to the photo editor and they will be ready in minutes. Both the photographer and assistant are well-trained to handle all kinds of queries and questions by guests, so there is no hassle at all. All the work is done by us, for your guests and you.

#3: A great gift to complete an amazing night

All the effort that have gone into the event planning will definitely be amplified with the roving photographer. After all, your guests are receiving a personalised photo keepsake that they can bring home and remember the event by. They are certain to be pleasantly surprised when they are greeted by sleeved pretty pictures of themselves dressed to the nines! All our pictures are printed on premium photo paper and wrapped in plastic sleeves for a fine finish. These pictures are also available for download digitally should they wish to do so. The roving photographer will certainly add another reason why your guests had a great night.


Roving photographers are a wonderful addition to almost all types of events. They are well known for their convenience and flexibility.