Havas Media’s Halloween Night Party

Havas Media had their Halloween night party right in their office, and they hired our photo booth services to boost the fun factor! When we arrived, all of them were still in their office wear and looked professional doing some serious work. As we set up, the demographic and setting slowly changed – there were less people and more monsters, ghosts and scary things! Orange and purple spider webs started growing too!

The costumes that the fun-loving peeps wore were pretty crazy. From scary “Nuns” and clowns from “It” to expired sushi and characters from Journey to the West, we were impressed by how creative they were and the effort put into the costumes. We also swapped our regular set of photo booth party props for our Halloween set, and guests who didn’t turn up in elaborate costumes loved using them to spice things up and get in the ‘spooky’ mood. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with the super friendly peeps at Havas Media.