Instant photo booths in Singapore have become all the rage. If you attend a wedding banquet recently, you have probably seen these photo booths or been in one yourself. The best photo booth in Singapore would offer instantaneous printouts of the photographs taken. They would also offer multiple customisation options, from the props available to the backdrop. You can also tell the quality of the photo booth service by looking at their photography equipment – professional DSLRs and studio lighting are the two hallmarks of a noteworthy photo booth service.

If you are an event organiser or wedding planner yourself, then you may be considering spending a small amount of your budget on a photo booth. To help you better make that decision, here are three reasons why photo booths have proven to be one of the most engaging activities that could happen at an event.

Everyone can get a chance

At some events, it may be tough to get everybody engaged, especially if guests are often just browsing between different booths or stations at an expo. Photo booths are an all-inviting and inclusive activity for everyone – even if the guest comes to the event alone! Simply invite them to take a photo and they will receive an instant printout of the photograph within a minute after it is taken. Photo booths also appeal to all ages, as there is little physical activity involved in the photo booth. Children, young adults and even grandparents can enjoy the activity together. There are few activities that allow for bonding like the photo booth does.

Props add to the fun

Photo booths that are well-equipped with props provide limitless possibilities for guests’ photos. These props could include customised placards, wigs or accessories. Props, besides being an important form of decoration, also helps show off guests’ creativity and personality. Props can also be customised for the event. For instance, props at weddings can include more handheld placards with well-wishes and toy roses. If the photo booth is at a convention or expo, then perhaps toy swords, toy guns and funny spectacles may be more appropriate. The large variety and choice available in props will certainly elevate the photo booth experience, wowing and surprising guests during their visit.

A memory that all guests can bring home

Guests will always appreciate goodies, especially in Singapore. With every event organiser spending on goodie bags or other gifts, photo booths fit perfectly into the market. The main thing which makes photo booths super attractive to guests is exactly that. When guests step into a photo booth, they are excited because they can bring something home afterwards. That is also a reason why event organisers should hire the best photo booth Singapore vendors – because guests will be even more impressed with their photo both experience when their photo comes out well-lit, in focus and beautifully printed.


To sum it all up, photo booths have grown to be well-liked because of the many qualities brought to the event. For a great photo booth experience with professional photographers and equipment, do not hesitate to contact us.