Photo booths are now seen at many events all over Singapore. This is actually no big surprise, as photo booths offer something fun and exciting for all types of guests. Whether they are young children or the slightly more senior uncles and aunties, the instant photo booth in Singapore will certainly have some sort of appeal. You may be considering whether to rent your own photo booth at your wedding or corporate event. If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Here are the different reasons why the best photo booth in Singapore would appeal to all types of guests, from corporate professionals to the rebellious teenager.

For the young adults and teenagers

One primary concern of most young adults is the documentation of their memories. They love taking pictures wherever they go so they can revisit these memories at a later time. A photo booth is perfect for them. By offering a dedicated space for them to take a picture at the event they are attending, it makes full use of their time and even gives them an instant printout of the picture, complete with a custom design that would remind them of the event. For the more tech-savvy crowd, these pictures can also be downloaded from the internet, either via Facebook’s public album or a private download link. The opportunity for a photo with their closest friends is something that young adults surely would not want to miss.

For the children

The main appeal of photo booths for children is the wide array of props available. Children are often attracted to toys of all sorts and the large table of props will certainly excite their sense of curiosity and wonder. Simply get them to choose a few props before they step into the photo booth, whether alone or with their parents. They will have a great time dressing up, transforming themselves into characters that are out of this world. Parents should try to get their children to stay still while taking pictures to achieve the best results.

For the elderly

Nothing is as important to older folks as family values and quality time. This is especially true for the elderly, who have grandchildren of various ages and seldom see them all together. For this demographic, photo booths are very exciting, as they allow the family to gather and take one big family picture together. Plus, with the instant printout, the grandparents would not have to take on the arduous task of figuring out new technologies or asking one of their grandchildren to print it out for them. They’ll have a picture that they can frame up when they get home. For the elderly folks who are attending their children or grandchildren’s weddings, there are also props with Chinese well-wishes written on them. These are wonderful additions to make them feel comfortable and right at home.


The best photo booth in Singapore has something for everyone attending your event. Don’t forget to customise your photo printout so that the guests will be reminded of your event when they bring it home! All printouts are fully customisable with designs from our team of experienced designers.