In preparation for your perfect wedding, you will likely be looking for a wedding photo booth in Singapore. Guests are able to take a picture at these booths and have it instantly printed within a minute. With the best photo booth in Singapore, guests are also able to download the picture that they have taken from an online source like email or Facebook.

Photo booths are often a great addition to the repertoire of activities that can happen during a wedding. Here are five different ways a photo booth can truly enhance the wedding experience.

A new way to remember the night

Photos are always a great way to remember an event. Photo booths make the photo taking experience even better, as they are a central location where guests can take pictures. When guests bring that printout home, they have a physical object to remember the wedding by. All of these pictures can also be compiled together into a digital album, which can be presented to the bride and groom.

A pleasant way to surprise guests

Photo booths can be very exciting at a wedding. One of the key features available from the best photo booth in Singapore is the photo livestreaming service. You can pleasantly surprise your guests by livestreaming the pictures that were taken at the photo booth on a projection screen at the wedding venue. Imagine the surprise on your guests’ faces when they see their own picture – taken just moments before – shared on the big screen!

A great activity to occupy pockets of free time

At a wedding, guests will sometimes have pockets of free time. Instead of just having the guests sign the guest book or chit-chatting with other guests, they can visit the photo booth and have their pictures taken. Photo booths can be a social activity – guests can invite their friends to take pictures together with them and have lots of fun posing at the booth.

A sprinkle of fun

Provided at photo booths are props that can be used during the photo shoot. These props can add an element of fun, as guests experiment with different props during their shoot. They can include toy swords and plushies. In addition to props, guests can also experiment with their poses. Guests are free to take as many pictures as they want with the variety of props that are provided by the photo booth.

Photo booths also provide a decorative element by adding a beautiful backdrop behind guests. These eye-catching backdrops will certainly attract all guests attending the wedding.

A personalised gift for everyone

Photo printouts serve as a door gift for everyone who attends the wedding. It is a personalised memorabilia that every guest can bring home. The gift makes for a great statement – that you care about your guests and the memories that they make at the wedding. Guests will surely appreciate the thought and effort that goes into making this night memorable for them.


Photo booths can make the wedding experience even more memorable for your guests. Rent a wedding photo booth in Singapore and your guests will certainly appreciate the help in making it a night to remember.