Dave & Fenyi’s Wedding Celebration At Fairmont Singapore

Dave and Fenyi’s wedding took place on the afternoon of 7 October 2018, at the Padang ballroom of Fairmont Singapore. They booked our instant photo booth services for 3 hours to allow guests more time for photo taking. Despite being a young and modern couple, they fancied the traditional calendar design and wanted it for the photo booth printouts. They also selected our bright sparkling red sequined backdrop to be consistent with the print design. Their guests loved the wide variety of props we provided (1 long table top wasn’t enough space for our props!) and kept coming back to take more photos.

Additionally, Dave requested for our instant photo sharing services where photos were uploaded seconds after they were taken onto our Facebook page for guests to download. The photos were also screened on the ballroom screens immediately after they were taken, providing a constant stream of fresh content for guests to enjoy.

Did you know? Thanks to our true studio setup, we are able to do instant online sharing! Our photos look great straight out of the booth, so we can upload them immediately without the need to edit them. This means the printouts your guests receive will look gorgeous too!