When renting a wedding photo booth in Singapore for your big day, you have to decide which backdrop you’d like to use. The choice of backdrop is quite important, and will affect the overall mood for your party. The backdrop will be present in every photograph taken at the photo booth and will be set-up in the professional mini-studio for your photo booth rental period. The colour and texture of the backdrop can also change how your guests perceive your wedding reception. Here are a few categories of possible backdrops and the effects they can have on your audience.

Sparkly, bright and shiny backdrops

It feels like you’re back at the ‘70s disco with these classic backdrops. They’re reminiscent of the good times when everything was a little louder and way more colourful – so it’s perfect if you or your partner has want to inject some glitz and bling into your wedding. The backdrops are also great if you have a lot of older folks coming to your wedding. For instance, as a fixture at your wedding, these backdrops create an eye-catching wall that screams photo booth! With these backdrops, you’re certain to attract people to your photo booth – it’ll really stand out! These backdrops are glamorous in a classic way. Pick these to add some old-school ostentatious flair to your wedding!

Garden themed backdrops

Bring the pride of the English indoors to your wedding reception! Garden themed backdrops are all the rage nowadays for weddings. Pick a backdrop with elaborate floral prints; select one with contemporary patterns of tropical plants; or if you really wish to up your game – opt for a green wall of lush leaves or even a veil with hanging vines for your wedding. Guests attending your wedding reception will be enamored by the mere presence of such a lovely fixture at your banquet venue. The best photo booth vendors in Singapore will also be sure to custom design a photo template for printouts that matches your beautiful backdrop.

Classic, solid color backdrops

The best option for a diverse crowd – these plain, mono-color backdrop will certainly do the job when it comes to complementing your guests’ beautiful clothing. Having only one color in the background means that we can focus more on the faces in the photographs rather than trying to discern the backdrop from the guests in front of them. The props available at your instant photo booth in Singapore will also stand out more. These backdrops are perfect for any modern wedding. It is also perfect in helping you select out an anchor color that you can use for other wedding decorations like tablecloths and the wedding album. Consider cooler colors like blue for a more calming effect or a warmer color like red to bring some energy to your wedding, please the elderly and make the backdrop truly stand out!


The backdrop of your photo booth can totally set the mood for your wedding. With the best photo booth in Singapore, you can even have your own custom printed backdrop or opt for a chromakey green screen for some Hollywood special effects! Great photo booth rental services also offer a large variety of possible backdrops to choose from – you’ll likely be spoilt for choice! There’s every reason to pay more attention to this important and fantastic detail when doing your wedding planning!