Historically, instant photo booths began with the invention of flash photography. In those days, a photo booth would be set up with a film camera and a simple backdrop. It would take days for the photograph to reveal itself on film negatives. Back then, photography was a profession that involved tedious processes and hours of hard work.

Today, photo booths have grown and evolved tremendously. Improvements in technology, changes in the general population’s style of living, and the penetration of cell phones and social media have contributed greatly to this change. New and professional instant photo booths in Singapore are well-loved for their ability to incite joy and excitement in the audience. It is all thanks to the modern features that come with the photo booth. Whether they come in the form of the wedding photobooth in Singapore or a GIF Booth, each one is sure to surprise and delight. Here are 3 technological advancements that have been incorporated into the professional photo booths of today.

Printing at instant speed

One of the great joys that come with photo booths is the instant printing. Within minutes after the photo is taken, the audience is able to receive a high-quality, high-resolution photograph printed on beautiful glossy paper. It is a delight for everyone to be able to receive a gift like this so quickly.

This also means added convenience for the audience – they would not have to wait in line or return to the booth after the event. They can just collect the photo and be on their way. The convenience allows the booth to cater to more people within a shorter amount of time, ensuring that every guest leaves happily with their gorgeous photograph.

Instant sharing on social media

Everyone is on Facebook and Instagram nowadays. It would be a shame if the pretty photographs cannot be converted into a Facebook or Instagram post. Fortunately, with new instant photo booths in Singapore, the photographs taken are uploaded to Facebook automatically, so guests can easily download their favourite ones and share them on their social media page! It’s a great way for them to digitally remember the experience of the event. It’s also an avenue for them to share the great memories they had at the event with their own friends and families – some of whom probably could not make it due to work or family commitments.

The digital age has made every experience sharable and marketable. Photo booths can be a great help in making that happen.

Livestream potential

If organisers so wish, they could create a livestream of all the photos taken at the photo booth. The best photo booth in Singapore can be instantly used for streaming as they use professional photography and lighting equipment, so no photo editing is needed. Everything can be done at instant speed. These photos will show up in an instantly-created photo gallery, and can be projected onto a screen. Imagine the surprise and delight that guests will experience when they see themselves – smiling gleefully for the camera – on the big screen. It’s another magical experience that can’t be gotten anywhere else.


New photo booths have certainly evolved with the times. When considering a photo booth rental service, these new features should also be taken into account so you can get a true bang for your buck.