Just a few more weeks till your big day! You’re probably busy making all the important preparations – tasting the menu, fitting yourself into the beautiful suit or gown, booking the wedding venue and going for your pre-wedding photoshoot. If you do not have an event planner, you may end up even forgetting about the small things, like the entertainment. One amazing way to ensure guest satisfaction at your wedding is to include smaller things that show you care about their feelings and comfort during their wedding. For instance, ensuring that guests with different sorts of food allergies are all catered to, or that there are baby chairs for those with infants. To take it a step further, you might even consider getting a wedding photo booth in Singapore. Here are some reasons why a photo booth will make your wedding celebration even grander.

Something to always remember you by

What happens after the wedding has concluded? Most guests will have faint memories of your wedding that will eventually fade over time. Having a photograph as a keepsake will give your guest a physical reminder of the great time they spent during the event. With the best instant photo booth in Singapore, you can even customise the background of the printed photograph to include the stunning picture from your pre-wedding photoshoot. Because the photo will be taken by professional photographers using professional studio lighting, you can be assured that each photo will be something that your guests will want to keep with them forever. The memory will forever be treasured in that beautiful photo.

Social media updates for those who couldn’t be there

Sometimes, guests can’t come to your wedding because they have other commitments. Perhaps they have some urgent matters to attend to, or need to be overseas for work. With these socially connected photo booths, you’ll have no problem capturing the memories of each and every guest and sharing them online at the wedding or after it has concluded. With the best photo booths, if you so wish, all photos taken at the photo booth can be uploaded online to social media platform Facebook on the spot. You can then instantly share these photos online with your friends and family members who weren’t present at the wedding. They can catch a glimpse of the celebration from the comfort of their own homes afterwards.

A dash of silly fun for your guests to take a break

With all the celebrations, sometimes guests can get a bit tuckered out from interacting with the other guests. The photo booth is a perfect place where they can find a bit of space away from the rest of the celebration. Instead, they can have fun taking a photo. The best wedding photo booths in Singapore will provide complementary props to add an element of goofiness to the photos. This can range from large, funny-looking specs, spiffy bowties, and toy swords. Dressing up with these props is definitely a big difference from the rest of the wedding celebration. The photo booth would serve as a good breather.


A photo booth will certainly enhance the fun and capture the memories that are created during the wedding. Good luck in your search for the ideal wedding photo booth in Singapore!