singapore photobooth rentalPhotographic innovations have been a marvel throughout its history. Every step in progress towards having instant, high-quality photography has created exciting new inventions aimed at satisfying our constant need to capture beautiful and precious memories. The advent of instant photo booths in Singapore is no different; it’s trendy and immensely popular and ticks every desirability box for an entertainment activity.

But what makes them so popular? In this day and age where your smartphone has the capabilities needed to take quick, customisable, and good quality photos, why are instant photo booths as sought-after as they are? Let us share with you the three distinctive features of instant photo booths that make them so popular.

Thematic Variety

A key feature of photo booths is the multitude of themes, props, and backdrops available for every photo booth rental. There are packages appropriate for almost any event, be it themed birthday parties, school graduations, corporate dinners, or even photo booths for weddings. An abundance of backdrop options also caters to the different moods that customers would like to set for their photos. Wacky and creative props are always fun, and people of any age enjoy using them. This thematic variety makes taking pictures in a photo booth appealing and enjoyable.

Professional Studio Quality Photos

Gone are the grainy, low-quality, and badly-processed photos of yesteryears, these days even the most basic of photography equipment would create decent pictures. But sometimes ‘decent’ just doesn’t cut it. Enter the studio-style photo booths. Going to your event with a team including a professional photographer and state-of-the-art equipment, expect photos to be nothing less than the pinnacle of clarity, with brilliant lighting enhancers, top-range DSLR cameras and the latest in processing software. Rest assured every moment in front of the photo booth rented will be captured and immortalised in remarkable quality.

Express Sociability

Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram – virtually everyone we know has a social media account and almost every photo taken is intended to be shared on them. This is no different for photo booth photos. Choose from an extensive range of services available such as:

  • Live Streaming of Photos on Big Screens: Some photo booth companies enable you to do real-time streaming of photos that are taken only seconds before! It’s a feature that acts as a great time-filler between scheduled activities.
  • Social Media Uploading & Private Downloads: Why wait until the event ends before sharing them with your friends or followers? Post the photos taken immediately with the smart software in instant photo booths. If you’re unable to do that because of a social media site’s restrictions, private and secure download links allow you to save the photos and upload them manually, at your convenience.
  • Instant Printing: A lot of photo booths offer instant printing services. Get a physical copy of your photos that can be used as gifts or mementoes. Guests that attend your wedding photo booth can leave knowing they shared your joy at the beautiful and auspicious event, and prove it too.

Now that you’re familiar with the popular features of photo booths, why not rent the finest photo booth in Singapore for your next event? To complement it, you may also consider hiring a roving photographer for a more classic photo taking experience. Never miss out on having the best photos taken for your events again.