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He’s popped the question! Congratulations! You’re over the moon, with the shiny new engagement ring proudly donned on your finger. You’re extremely excited to plan and execute your wedding – it’s going to be the best party ever!

While you’re working out your budget and consulting professional wedding planners, you may be wondering what you can do to go the extra mile and wow your guests. You definitely want them to have a positive and long-lasting impression. By looking your best and ensuring that the party is perfect from every angle, you can! Here are 3 ways that you can give your wedding the edge it deserves.


Having a general theme for your wedding can work out well because it provides a framework for you to follow when planning. The theme can range from having general colours (such as white or blue) to more complex ones, such as making the wedding look like a movie set or a fairy tale. When planning with a theme in mind, try not to stipulate a dress code for guests, because that might just turn some people away from joining the celebration on your big day! Themes can help you narrow down your food choices, the wedding gown and wedding venue. They can also show off your own personalities by showing guests what you like as a couple. All in all, themes will help keep your wedding planning focused, and craft a generally more impressive wedding.

Wedding photo booth Singapore

A wedding photo booth will allow your guests to take photos with their friends and receive an instant print-out immediately. It provides your wedding with the “Wow” factor – guests can bring home a custom, personalised souvenir from your wedding within minutes. Photo booths are also great fun as friends can take photos together to show their kinship and camaraderie. The best instant photo booth in singapore also provides you with fun props that allow you to experiment and play while taking the photo, while quoting you a great price. These photo booths look professional as well, so you don’t have to worry about it looking shoddy or home-made. Photo booths will certainly add a nice flair to your wedding.

Live entertainment

Forget a simple playlist. If you want your wedding to be really impressive, hire live entertainment – whether that be a band or stand-up comedians. Treating the audience to a performance live on the stage will make your wedding very impressive. After all, live singing, dancing and acting take a lot of effort and years of practice. You can even consider giving the band a playlist or asking them to take requests from the audience. If you’re having a dinner banquet, a live band will be the perfect accompaniment to the dinner. Guests will certainly be wowed if you have live entertainment.


Wowing your guests during a wedding can actually be a very simple task. Follow a theme to keep the design consistent and hire a photo booth and live entertainment to make it a memorable event for your guests and yourselves.