instant photo booth

These days, everyone is a photographer. Wielding the cameras inside our pockets, we can easily snap a photo anywhere we go, capturing the crucial moments of our lives in mere seconds. We are all amateur photographers. But many of our photos end up lacking something before they reach the standard of a professional. Many professional photographers, such as those who operate the best instant photo booth in singapore, are extremely polished in their craft, having learnt specific techniques to handle different types of photographs. In this article, we will go over three different types of photographs, and one tip to help you achieve the best in every photo.

Landscape / Scenic photography

What is it? Landscape photos are essentially photos in which the subject is the beautiful scenery. Whether this be gorgeous sunsets, a vast expanse of trees in a forest, or concrete buildings towering in a bustling city, these photos capture the essence of nature in its core.

How to take better photos? Try and find a focus in the photograph. Despite being a picture that primarily is about the background, focusing on an element that stands out in its natural setting can create a dramatic story. For instance, a still wild animal in the forest, or the shadow of a child in the city.

Portrait / People photography

What is it? As the name suggests, these photos focus on the people – their facial expressions and what they’re doing, as opposed to the environment around them. These type of photos are what an instant photo booth in Singapore can capture; when a guest steps into a photo booth, their facial features will be captured, along with any props they might decide to use. This is the true appeal of people photography – the human element that can make any photo immediately convey emotions.

How to take better photos? For these types of photos, the main focus should be on the subjects of your photos – the people. You must ensure that the lighting in your photograph allows the full features of your subject to be seen. A portrait would look terrible if half the subject’s face is shadowed. But also be careful to not let the subject be over-exposed. At a photo booth, do listen to the directions that the staff provide and stay close to the backdrop and not too close to the lights to avoid over-exposure.

Product photography

What is it? Photos that sell stuff. These are what bloggers and marketers use to ensure that your eyes are automatically hooked to the marketed product. It focuses heavily on the glamorous aesthetic of a product, or of its functional uses.

How to take better photos? Product photos usually come as a result of a team’s collective keen eye. If you are a blogger taking a photo of something for your blogshop, consider getting a second opinion on whether the product looks eye-catching. The worst outcome for a product photo is if other elements in the photo, such as the model or the background, overshadow the product.