Your big day is soon approaching, and you’ve fleshed out almost everything. The gown is perfect, your bridesmaids are scurrying about running errands, and you’ve even tasted the menu for the wedding banquet. Suddenly, you’re reminded that your wedding still needs some entertainment. Besides getting the perfect Disney princess soundtrack, there’s another solution to your wedding’s entertainment needs: an singapore instant photo booth.

Besides being a fun source of entertainment for your guests during the reception, a wedding photo booth in Singapore also provides guests with physical and digital copies of their photos to bring home, as a way of remembering the wedding.

When shopping for wedding photo booth providers in Singapore, you should consider a few key factors, such as:

  • Cost(s) of the photo booth
  • Functions that come with the photo booth
  • Convenience

Here are five tips that can help in your quest.

1. Look for photo booth specialists

When searching for a photo booth, you should look for a company that specialises in photo booth services, instead of photography vendors who offer photography services only as a side product. Photo booths from specialist companies are almost always better in the quality of photos and the variety of photo booths available. In addition, they would be more ready with value-added services such as instant online sharing and live streaming of photos. Specialists will also likely bring experienced photographers down at their booth.

2. Look for trustworthy photo booth providers

Even though prices are important, when looking for photo booth providers for the most important day of your life, avoid those that offer you drastically cheaper prices but have nothing to show for it. We should look at the previous work and reviews from clients of a photo booth provider in order to ascertain their photography skills and capabilities in serving clients and handling complex situations. Also, we will want to check if the photos seen on their websites have been heavily edited after the event to make them look way better than they actually were. A good way to do so is to compare the photos posted on their website with those posted on their Facebook page or on Instagram. Another telltale sign is if the company can only post photos online after your wedding, which might mean that the photos taken at your wedding, and thus printouts, might not be ideal. After all, during your wedding, we do want our guests to receive printouts that are great looking because instant prints are the whole point of hiring a photo booth or roving photography service!

3. Pick photo booths that provide unlimited prints at a fixed price

Some providers charge you per photo taken. This can be a real risk, as most guests would take as many photos as they wish when they see a photo booth. You could end up with a hefty bill at the end of the day. Instead, for peace of mind, opt for one that allows rental at a fixed price but offers unlimited printouts during the service duration.

4. Ensure your photo booth can upload the photos digitally online

Some photo booths create a print, and that’s the end of it. The softcopy of the photos cannot be retrieved easily by your guests. When looking for a photo booth service, you’d likely want to have these photos available digitally or on social media, so your guests can find their photos online afterwards. The best photo booth vendor will upload photos online instantly, so guests can download or share them just seconds after they are taken! This way, they can share your joy at your wedding and relive the memory of your wedding subsequently – offline and online.

5. Find a provider that will assign staff to man the photo booth

The most annoying thing a photo booth user can experience is if they would like to take a photo but do not know how to do so because there is no one there to help them do it. The best photo booth Singapore provider would send down at least a photographer to help guests with taking the photo, placing the photos into clear plastic sleeves for the extra glamorous touch, and answer queries guests may have.