You’re putting together a big event for your company, and need pictures to capture the moments that happen. Perhaps it’s a press event where media organisations have an opportunity to meet big overseas celebrities, or an informal conference between different branches of a corporation, or a company bonding event. You want to find ways to photograph different moments that are happening. To impress them even further, you may even want to present these photographs as memorabilia for your guests to bring home. You also want to be able to share these photos on your social media account, to show the good work that you’ve done for the event. For that, there are a few possible solutions, including the instant photo booth and the roving photography service in Singapore. Here are 3 perfect photography solutions for your event.

1. Typical event photography

Many photography companies offer event photography solutions for all types of events. This could include weddings, press events, galas, balls or even outdoor events like a workout in a park. These event photographers get up close and personal with their photography subjects, and take pictures of them as they are enjoying themselves – seamlessly and stealthily. They may not even notice that their photographs are being taken! Often these photos are great for archiving within the company’s marketing department, as they could use any of these photos in the future for advertising and promotion related collaterals. These photos are the best at capturing big moments that transpire during the event, and should be considered when thinking about photographs that can capture an event.

2. Instant photo booth in Singapore

The instant photo booth in Singapore is perfect for guests who would like to take a bit of time off from the event’s main happenings and enjoy a quiet time posing for a stunning photograph. The best part is: they’ll receive a print of their photo minutes after it is taken. So they can place their newly printed photo into their handbag or wallet, and enjoy the rest of the event. The design of the printout and, if you wish, even the back of the photo can even be customised with your company’s brand. The best photo booth in Singapore will take care of all the designing for you. The photos will also be uploaded on social media site Facebook in its full glory, with no watermark, so it’s absolutely perfect to download and use wherever.

3. Roving photographer in Singapore

The perfect service for a grand ball and other formal events, the roving photography service is essentially a combination of the previous two services mentioned. When this service is employed, the audience just needs to sit back and enjoy the event, while roving photographers roam around the event and taking photos of groups with their permission. When you hire the best roving photography service, photos are taken using a high-resolution full-frame camera and flattering lighting equipment, before it is sent to an onsite photo editor for some final touch-ups. In just moments, guests can pick up a copy of their beautifully edited and printed photo to bring home – the perfect gift to commemorate a great occasion.