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The 2010s have been an exciting time for technology. Every day, new gadgets are being dreamt up and produced, and there is an endless amount of fun being injected into our everyday lives. From phenomenal gaming innovations like Pokemon Go to enhanced security such as facial recognition, it is indisputable that technology has evolved and permeated into our everyday lives. But, even more than that, technology has changed the landscape of photography as we know it. Now, instead of long, troublesome trips to a photo studio, we have the luxury of having a camera everywhere we go, and can even get our photos printed out almost instantaneously. Here are 3 amazing photography innovations that have been released in the market in the last 10 years.

The selfie stick

Before, phones only had a back-facing camera, and it would be hard to take a photo ourselves – we would depend greatly on other people to help us take our photos. But now, with the introduction of the front-facing camera comes a simple tool that makes photographing ourselves easy and convenient: the selfie stick. This stick, typically made of metal, has a slot for you to place your phone before extending it, extending the range of vision for your front-facing camera. It ensures that you get every member of your group in the frame and the scenery behind you too. An inexpensive selfie stick costs less than $50, but the more pricey ones can include features such as the ability to mechanically turn a camera downwards. All in all, the selfie stick is an innovation that has surely changed the world of photo-taking dramatically.

Instant photo booth in Singapore

The photo booth has greatly evolved since its conception. Modern photo booths are often rented for big celebrations such as weddings. Wedding photobooth in singapore are mobile and easy to set up. In these modern photo booths, guests can approach the booth and take a special photo at no costs. Then, their photos are instantly printed out and presented to them as a gift. Rent the best photo booth in singapore, and you can expect each print to come out flawless. There will also be amazing customer care when guests approach the booth. Modern social media technology have been incorporated into photo booths too, and photos taken at the booth can be easily uploaded onto social media sites such as Facebook. These modern improvements have truly made the photo booth a one-of-a-kind experience for all.

Drone videography

One of the most stunning types of videos are those taken on a drone. These footages can be breathtaking, especially if the drone is flown in picturesque locations such as cliffs, beaches, and national parks. These videos are easily transferred onto a mobile phone and can be put together with other clips during video editing. Modern videographers are making use of drone footages for impressive establishing shots, and scenic footages too. The cinematic value of video footages taken from drones is definitely one image recording innovation that has wowed everyone.