singapore roving photographer

In Singapore, events can be made even more memorable and enjoyable with the roving photography service. Perhaps your event is a wedding, a large expo or a lavish corporate party. The roving photographer will be able to capture beautiful photos of your guests as they mingle with the crowd and catch up with friends, family and business acquaintances. Shortly after the photo is taken, guests can collect a copy of their photograph, edited and printed, making this type of photography one of the most convenient types of photography available at events.

Interested? Here are three reasons why your event needs a roving photographer from the best photo booth and instant print provider in Singapore:

A dedicated 3-man team, ready to tend to any of your guests’ requests

A 3-man roving photography team provided by a reputable roving photography vendor consists of the main photographer, an onsite photo editor who touches up photos after they are taken, and an assistant.

In most cases, besides the main photographer, you may see an assistant who runs back and forth transferring the memory card between the photographer and editor, but the best roving photography services do not go through such a hassle. Instead, everything is transferred wirelessly, and there are more hands to perform other tasks. The assistant can be the one placing the printed photos into glossy plastic sleeves to add the final elegant touch to the magical photography experience for your guests.

Online uploads mean your guests can see their photos on social media instantaneously

After photos go through the editing process, your guests can easily find these photos on social media platforms such as Facebook. This means that they can relive the memories of your event with the simple click of a button. They can even share these photos on social media with friends across the globe. It is definitely a way to promote your event – by allowing gorgeous photos of event attendees spread across social media. Guests will surely appreciate the convenience of having a physical keepsake, as well as a digital copy available anytime and anywhere. It is the perfect combination.

Besides that, your guests can also view a livestream of all the photos that were taken at the event venue projected on a large screen if you so wish. There’s definitely a sense of excitement created when they spot themselves in a photo on the screen. Only the best roving photography vendors provide these awesome sharing and screening services, so do check before signing the package!

Custom print templates – created according to your ideas!

Each printout can come with a design that’s created especially for your event. A good roving photography vendor would offer a bespoke and fully customisable print template design tailored to your event needs. This is a great opportunity for you to create branding for your event – if it is a corporate event, having a logo and related graphic elements can help your event attendees remember your event better. If it is a wedding, perhaps adorn the printed photographs with a stunning image from your pre-wedding photoshoot. You do not have to worry at all about the designing – all that can be done by the vendor’s stellar design team. You just need to provide them with an idea of what you want.


A roving photographer in singapore can be great for every event. In your search for the best roving photography service, remember that every provider is different and that you should find out more about their service as much as possible. Only then will you know that you’ve hired the best.