Anatol Joseph is not very well known, but did you know that he was the one who invented the popular idea of photo booths? In 1923, a photo booth had little appeal after being installed, which pales in contrast to the modern ones.

Whereas most countries use photo booths for fun, some use them to take identification photos. There are a lot of facts to be learnt if you are an enthusiast! The Singapore photo booth rental industry is experiencing robust growth. Therefore, it would be interesting to know the roots before enjoying the fruits. Knowing some basic fun facts about a concept can help you add some glamour or fancy ideas to it. The following are some of the historical facts of photo booths.

1. Invention

Joseph invented the concept of the photo booth after the First World War. Being a Russian, Anatol was kept under close surveillance by the military. That fact did not kill his interest in photography. He traveled to different countries like Germany and the USA to try and quench his adventurous thirst. It was during his tours that the idea of photo booth came up. The idea was put into shape and actualization in the form of the Photomaton. Later, Joseph was offered $1 million to grant Americans the right to install the booths. In the 1950s, the concept was used in Hollywood.

2. Later improvements

Until the 90s, photo booths could not support digital colored photos. Speed was also a big challenge; it would take more than a minute to have your photo printed. Today, photo booths have changed the experience; fitted with ultra-modern technology that the people of those times could only imagine. An instant photo booth is as the adjective suggests. If you have your photo taken, you will have it printed within seconds. The clarity of prints in more modern photography has also been taken to another level.

3. Size and space

Everything a few years ago seemed to come in a big package. Today we have shifted from micro to nano. The first booths could only fit a maximum of two people. The size did not seem to portray the capacity. The cameras were also huge, making the booths appear congested. Shifting the booth was almost impossible because of the bulky equipment, which were fitted to facilitate photography. Currently, there are portable photo booths and even mobile studios which make it easy for you to arrange for a photo booth rental at your wedding.

4. The invention of color photography

Even after the invention of the booths, it wasn’t until the 1930s that colored photos were introduced. That means that, although photo booths were gaining popularity, you could only get a black and white one. If it came out clear, you were lucky. The quality was not always as it is today; understandably because photography inventions were in their initial stages.

Today, things have changed for the better. What may seem like stories half a century ago is reality today. You are guaranteed quality and speed with a good photo booth. The automation of services has also made it affordable and fast. Understanding the historical background of photo booths certainly made us appreciate the inventor and how far it has come.


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