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When renting the best photo booth in singapore, you’re sure to encounter many different types of guests. From the typical aunties to the suave suit-wearing gentleman, these guests are certain to frequent the photo booth for their own specific reason. Here are five different types of guests we’ve noticed over the years setting up instant photo booths in singapore.

The perfectionist

With the soul of a detail-oriented secretary, this person wants to make sure every single pixel of the photo comes out absolutely perfect. They’re likely to have a game plan even before stepping into the photo booth and will rapidly grab all the props they need before proceeding to pose. Sometimes they may notice something off on their face and spend a good few minutes making sure their eyelash is curled at the right angle. Some guests may be annoyed by their extreme carefulness but they’ll surely be the person with one of the most compelling photos!

The goofball

This guy is the embodiment of fun. With their YOLO personality, they’re willing to try out every possible pose to make their photo as silly (albeit lovable) as possible. In each attempt, they will litter the set with props, and create extreme facial expressions, all for that crazy photo! They’re also the people who will really lighten the mood of the whole party. Make sure to keep an eye out for this one as he’ll be drawing laughter from miles away.

The kiasu auntie

“Eh, this one can get how many prints ah? Wah! All free ah! Unlimited ah? Ah boy, ah girl!! Faster come and take photo!”

The classic Singaporean auntie will somehow make a guest appearance at every photobooth. Once she finds out that she can take unlimited photos for free, she will round up all her nieces, nephews, daughters, sons, and every extended relative in the family to come and take a picture. While she will sometimes be hogging the booth, it is thanks to her that the entire party will know about the existence of the photo booth without any signs put up. It is also thanks to her that you would have gotten your money’s worth hiring a photo booth!

The paiseh ones

You can find these people standing around observing the photo booth from afar. It’s not because they don’t want to come and take their photos – they’re just too “paiseh” to ask for it. And when they do get an opportunity to stand in front of the camera, they’re often sheepish and shy. They’ll accept any poses and gladly receive prints given to them, just so that they don’t have to speak to anyone else. When you see your friends, colleagues or family belonging to this category of photo takers, go up to them and pull them to the booth! Include them in as many group photos as you can and share the fun and joy you are experiencing at the event!

The ones with the class photo pose

Classic poses are a hit with this crowd. They typically like to stand in a straight line, with a slight tilt to the camera and smile with their hands tucked to the side. They always go for that one single style, and insist on never using props. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but the best photo booth companies will have onsite staff who encourages these guests to be daring and have fun like the others! Sometimes, guests adopt these poses because there aren’t any props that are suitable for them. For instance, at Chinese weddings, most seniors use the Chinese props that we have specially designed for them exclusively. Without these, we believe there would be a great deal more class photos. 😉


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