In the age of Instagram, why does photo booth rental in singapore exist? In the 21st century, we can easily whip out a phone and pose cutely in front of a selfie cam whenever we feel like taking a picture. We can spend a few short minutes finding the right filter for our stunning image, before sharing it with the rest of the world.

And yet, photo booths are exploding in popularity – especially so at weddings and at parties. Often, they are littered with props, ready for guests to step inside and be charmed by the flash of the camera. There is something incredibly special about being in front of the camera, especially with your loved ones. In this article, we will offer you three ways the best photo booth in singapore can appeal to event attendees in its own unique and charming way.

Physical proximity

When guests are posing for a photo, they come together. This is a rare physical closeness that may seem arbitrary, but is actually very powerful. Very few activities require people to squeeze within a small space, and coming together like this can build on the relationship between the guests, whether it be brotherly camaraderie or the handholding of lovebirds.

Besides that, the different generations of one family, both the young and old, come together when they’re posing for a photo. When guests see themselves being physically close with their friends in the photos, they too feel an improvement in their kinship. There is definitely something more formal, more tangible, and more authentic about gathering a whole family together for a photo.

A printed copy specially for you

There’s something special about a gift that is tailor-made for you. Photo booths allow for that instant gratification when you see your beautiful smile gleaming in the printed picture. This is in stark contrast to a lot of the pictures we take with our phones. Most of those pictures are only available online, and printing them out can be a real hassle – you most likely have to spend money at a photo printing shop. In comparison, the instant photo booth in Singapore pretty much requires no effort at all on your guest’s end. They can receive the glamorous photos of themselves dressed to the nines within minutes. That’s the true value of the best photo booth experience.

Amazing integration with social media

Who said photo booths and social media had to be at odds with each other? In fact, because people use social media so often, modern photo booths are integrating the traditional photo-taking experience with social media. The best photo booth can digitally transfer the photos taken during an event online. Guests can see all their photos on Facebook, and can even download them digitally. Now the two-in-one package of an instant physical photo and the online copy is a duo that will surely enhance the overall photo-taking experience.


Photo booths have been a revolutionary invention. The integration of social media with the traditional trigger-click of the camera has amounted to a full-bodied and enjoyable photo-taking experience. Find out for yourself how that is done with the finest photo booth in Singapore.

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