In Singapore, it is not uncommon to hire a wedding photographer. After all, it is the momentous occasion of two souls declaring their commitment to each other, in front of family and friends. Everyone would want those memories to be captured and recorded in photographs. But wedding photography services in Singapore tend to be geared towards those who want a special photo book or album, produced weeks after the wedding has ended. Or maybe the photos will be uploaded onto Facebook after a month spent on editing. The long waiting time means that the wedding guests will only see the photos after the hype of the wedding dies down. By then, most guests may not even be free to look at the photos. What if the happy couple would like a more instantaneous “wow” effect with the photography at their wedding? That’s where a roving photographer can come in. Here are three advantages that a singapore roving photography service can bring to your wedding.

On-the-spot photo editing and printing for your guests

The main advantage of a roving photographer is that guests can pose for a photo anytime, anywhere within the wedding, and receive a beautiful, edited photo within the hour. The roving photographer will be moving around the wedding, with a professional camera and lighting equipment, ensuring that every picture comes out absolutely stunning. Whether your guests are feasting on the great food at the banquet, chit-chatting at the reception, or dancing the night away, the roving photographer will be there to capture every moment – if they want it, of course.

Then, if the vendor you’ve hired is a reputable one, the photographs will be passed to an onsite photo editor who will edit every photo on the spot, before printing them out on high-quality photo paper for each guest to bring home. Most of the time, you’ll see an assistant running back and forth to swap memory cards between the photographer and the editor, but the best roving photography service provider does this elegantly by performing the transfer over a wireless network.

Also on-site is an assistant, who is ready to answer queries guests may have and help prepare photos for collection by inserting them into protective, glossy plastic sleeves and assisting guests when they are looking for their photos. With these three people working together, your guests will surely have the best time having their photos taken while enjoying the celebrations.

Photos can be used instantly

One of the best things about the instant nature of these photos is that they can be used almost immediately after editing. For instance, a good roving photography service will be able to upload photos taken and edited on the spot onto Facebook during the wedding itself. This is a great way to give real-time updates to friends who could not attend the wedding. In a few years’ time, Facebook’s algorithm will bring back the memories from that exact date and time, and you could be fondly reminiscing over the memory of the spectacular wedding you held.

The photos could also be used as a slideshow in the ballroom while guests are enjoying their dinner banquet. It would be a real surprise for guests to see their own photos, taken only minutes ago, showcased on the big screen.

No queueing needed; absolute convenience for the guest!

Out of all the different types of photography services available, roving photography is the one with the least hassle for the guest. Guests do not need to wait in line to have their photo taken; the photographer will automatically come to them. And the photos can be easily picked up on their way out of the ballroom. It is the absolutely most convenient type of Singapore wedding photography service available


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