instant photo booth singaporeAre you planning an event? Maybe you’re helping to organise a wedding, a company dinner & dance, or even a booth for your company at a giant expo. Whatever kind of event you’re organising, you’re likely to need some form of entertainment for your guests. Common options for entertainment include video screenings, live music and party games. But if you’re interested in taking the extra step to wow your guests and make a great impression, you may want to opt for something a little more unique: an instant photo booth. Here are five great benefits of hiring an instant photo booth for your event.

1. Free keepsakes for all your guests

Photos are a great way to keep a memory alive. An instant photo booth in singapore will allow your guests to bring home a little keepsake – with their picture inside it! Guests will be able to receive a print-out of their photo within minutes of it being taken, which makes the instant photos great welcome gifts for every attendee.

2. Awesome entertainment

Guests can try out different poses in the photo booth, complemented by backdrops and props that suit the style or theme of the event. This is perfect for guests who like to show off their creativity, and try on different styles of photographs. You don’t have to worry about forking out extra cash if guests decide to try out multiple shots, as the instant photo booth provides an unlimited number of shots at a fixed price.

3. Great variety of backdrops and props to choose from

A fun photoshoot will not be complete without backdrops and props to help set the mood. With instant photo booths, it’s even more important to have a great variety of artistic items at guests’ disposal. Fake roses can allow for more romantic shots, while toy swords can for more comedy or action shots. Let your guests experiment with their creativity with the wonderful array of props.

4. Instant sharing on Facebook – a great social media promotion tool

Some guests couldn’t make it to the party? An instant photo booth is great in engaging people on social media as well. People can view the photos taken during the event on Facebook, and get a sense of the crowd at the party, and even comment and share those photos! It’s a great way to gain online publicity for your event, and guests can even download a digital copy of their photos after the event has concluded. What a win-win situation for everyone!

5. Personalised prints

Want to use your company’s logo or your wedding photo on the print-outs? No problem. These instant photo booths allow for a fully customised print. They don’t even include their company logo. Feel free to have an in-house designer come up with a design for the print-out, or even speak to the photo booth service to get a design easily mocked up. This special design will make those photos even more memorable for your guests.


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