singapore instant photo boothHe’s finally proposed! Now, you’re looking forward to the most important day of your life – your wedding, where you and your lover declare your love and commitment to each other in front of friends and family members. The wedding, besides being a symbolic ceremony, is also a big social gathering, where people can meet each other through mutual friends. A solemnisation ceremony is often accompanied by party-like activities, such as dancing, party games and live music. One such activity that can bring guests together and spur conversation is the addition of an instant photo booth in a singapore wedding.

Instant photo booths are essentially small photo studios that can be set up at any venue. At these booths, guests can pose together for a picture that they can receive within a few minutes. These photo booths are typically manned by professional photographers who guide your guests in their photo-taking. Here are 3 ways that an instant photo booth in Singapore can really liven up a wedding.

A night to remember

Photographs provide an instant snapshot of a memory. It is a physical form of that memory that can be carried around wherever you go. It is a reminder of the good times and the great emotions that were felt. As such, photo booths are great for guests who like to look back at fond memories or those who have related hobbies such as scrapbooking or graphic design. Guests can print as many photos or copies as they wish, which means they can even print out extra photos to distribute to their friends. These photos are printed on quality paper, in a high definition, so guests can definitely enjoy a premium keepsake at the booth.

The fun of a photo shoot

Ever wondered why people like to take photos of themselves and post on Instagram? There’s a certain joy that comes from having your photograph taken, especially when you spend time and effort to get the perfect, beautiful shot. A photo booth can replicate the experience of a studio photoshoot – and more! Props are available on hand to add quirkiness and infuse personal style into the photo: choose between kooky glasses, plush swords, and many more interesting objects. The backdrop of the photo booth can even be customised for the occasion. Guests can take as many photos as they want, and with whomever they want, so it can be a great way to bring different people together too.

Social media extravaganza

The photos from the photo booth are all uploaded onto social media after the party is over. This can help word of the wedding spread a lot more easily on sites such as Facebook, where guests can like, comment and share the photos that they had taken during the party. If they like the photos, they can even download it and use it as a display picture for their own social media platforms. The end state is that friends of friends can see that your guests are having a wonderful time at your wedding, and your reputation is immediately built across these networks.


Instant photo booths at Singapore weddings can really help make your event more lively and fun. You should definitely consider hiring one for your own wedding.


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