You’ve spent a good hour dressing up for the party, putting on make-up, ensuring you look pristine from head to toe. All this effort would have been in vain if you didn’t at least take a few photos at the party, and post them on Instagram. While most parties have an appointed photographer to take photos of the event and the guests, it may be hard for you to get the shot that you want, as photographers run around the party capturing the highlights of the event. To circumvent this problem, party hosts can instead consider renting an instant photo booth in Singapore.

Instant photo booths are set up in a designated area, and guests can approach the photo booth to have their picture taken in front of a green-screen or backdrop. Props are also provided. A few moments later, guests will then receive the photo. They can even find these photos online a few days after the party. Here are 3 reasons why you should rent an instant photo booth, in addition to hiring an event photographer:

An instant keepsake for them to bring home

It takes time for event photographers to edit the photos they have taken, and then send them to you. By the time these photos get into the hands of the guests, it would have been over a week, and they may have already forgotten most of the party. Having an instant photo booth means that your guests can bring the photo home within minutes of it being taken. It’ll serve as memorabilia, and remind them of the great time they had at your party after they leave. If your party is a corporate one, it is also serves as a reminder of the corporate brand. These effects would not be possible with just an event photographer alone.

A great source of entertainment

The instant photo booth doubles up as a form of entertainment for your guests, much like live music or video screenings. Guests can have a really fun time trying out different poses and using the props to show off their creative side. Best of all, some instant photo booths charge a flat sum, and provide an unlimited number of shots, meaning guests can take as many photos as they like! Instant photo booths like these often attract people queueing up to have their photos taken, and is guaranteed to be fun for all kinds of guests.

Social media promotion for your event

Companies that allow for a rental of their instant photo booths often have a social media platform where they post all the photos taken during the event. Guests can then find their own photos and download them onto their computer. This doubles up as good social media promotion for your event, especially for corporate parties like a company dinner and dance. Companies can even design special backgrounds for the instant photo booth, to help keep in line with the rest of their marketing tactics.



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