Instant photo booths are the best way to energise a party and excite your guests. Not only do they ensure everyone has fun, it also allows people to bring precious memories of the event home. It should be a priority for the host whether they are planning the party themselves or hiring an event organiser. Whether it’s a party for a birthday, anniversary, wedding – photo booths are always fun.

How to set up a photo booth?

  • While photo booths can look simple to set up, they actually require elaborate planning and work, to ensure that guests can enjoy the full experience without hassle. As a result, it is better to hire a professional company to rent a photo booth, instead of spending the time, effort and materials to make your own.
  • There are various companies in Singapore that specialise in instant photo booths. If you are scouting to rent an instant photo booth, these companies are great places to start. Often, they can also offer photography services alongside their photo booth rental service. Simply head online to find these companies.
  • When a photo booth is set up, you have full control over the theme and backdrop that the photo booth uses, which is great for themed parties and weddings. There is a great variety of theme options available, such as the elegant, funky, humorous or smart themes. Props will also be available for your guests to experiment with. 

How to select the theme?

The tricky part of a great photo booth experience is selecting the perfect theme. Since it’s a fun activity, you don’t want it to be so serious that it feels contrived or even pretentious!.

Themes can be selected in two ways – based on the occasion for which the party is being held or based on your personality, which will stay constant across events you organise. Elegant themes include vintage styles that have beautiful antique photo frames or floral designs with matching backdrops. The props can include top hats, monocles, moustaches etc.

Funny themes present you with many choices. Let us begin by discussing props. One can have large glasses, arrows and boards with personalised comments, funny hats, and wigs – the list can be endless. Backdrops can be anything from single-coloured sheets, or vintage motifs or even transporting you into movies using a green screen.

Singapore’s instant photo booths are the easiest way to make a party exciting. The art of capturing moments have become a pleasurable hobby for many of today’s people. Selfies and photos are taken, kept and treasured by everyone, as a piece of memorabilia. Photo booths are quintessentially the highlight of many parties, and can liven up yours too.


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