photobooth for weddings

Everybody would want a memorable wedding day with their guests happy. Sure, you can hire a great DJ and keep the drinks flowing. However, some guests are not great dancers while others don’t enjoy indulging in alcohol, and might feel left out. What other activity can you add to your big day to keep everyone actively involved? A wedding photo booth in singapore is a perfect solution for your entertainment needs.

Who doesn’t like a photo booth? It allows your guests the chance to strike a pose and capture it. It is a real source of entertainment, especially when the props are included. You’ll want to savour each memory of your wedding and snapshots from the photo booth allow you to look back on all these magical moments anytime you want to.

Whatever your reasons for hiring a photo booth for your wedding are, here are ways to get the most out of it.

Customer service

Not all guests will be tech-savvy. This means they may need help with the photo booth. In this case, choose a rental package that comes with an attendant for the booth. The attendant will make sure the lines move quickly during the entire event and will explain to your guests what to do when they want to take snapshots. He or she will also be able to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot possible technical issues.

Decorate it

Ensure you decorate or customise it to correspond to your colour scheme or wedding theme. Backdrops of photo booths can be customised, and you should choose a backdrop that fits in well with the overall theme of your wedding. You can also design a unique custom print template that adds to the overall setting and makes for even better mementos for guests.


The best location to put the booth is where there’s high foot traffic so it can be easily seen and accessed by your guests. For example, placing it next to the entrance is a great idea. If there is a dance floor, a photobooth next to it will be a natural choice.  Within the main ballroom or near the cocktail reception area are also fantastic locations for a photo booth. Venues have usually small side rooms convenient for a photo kiosk. However, remember the adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Photo booth album

For a small fee, many photo booth vendors allow two copies of photos to be printed every time a photo is taken at the booth.  The guests place one copy into a photo album you provide together with their well wishes and comments for you while they keep the other print as a memento of your wonderful wedding reception. After the wedding, you can go home with a photo album that captured all magical moments involving you and your guests.

Group shots

Only having one or two guests in the booth may make you feel rather self-conscious, almost like taking passport photos. However, when larger groups start piling into the booth, the snaps will become more fun and exciting.


Provide a variety of props to your guests including plush toys, hats, comedy glasses, funny signs, moustaches, and character faces to produce memorable and humorous snaps. Props will add an extra dimension to your photo booth by changing how guests interact with the camera and each other.

In summary, adding a photo booth to your wedding reception and applying the abovementioned tips can help you capture moments of fun, laughter.  


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