corporate booth in singaporeWouldn’t it be fantastic to keep great memories of a special event at your company you can look back on in the future? A corporate photo booth will certainly do the trick as you can walk away with amazing memories of the event. If you have been entrusted with the task of hiring a corporate photo booth service for your next company event, you must make an informed choice.

Thus, you shouldn’t take wild chances and instead consider the following points while hiring a corporate photo booth in singapore:


The online marketing campaigns by Singapore’s corporate photo booth service providers have made it even more challenging to choose the best service provider in the city. You’ll be overwhelmed with information because every service provider wants to paint a rosy picture and claims to be the best. The best way to find a reputable and reliable photo booth service provider in Singapore is to ask for references from your friends or acquaintances. A close second is using Facebook reviews to find quality service providers. Facebook doesn’t allow business owners to edit or delete reviews customers post, making it a reliable source of information and customer feedback.


Even though this should be among your key consideration when hiring a corporate photo booth service, it should never be the sole determining factor for your choice of service provider. For corporate events, weddings and other bigger events, photo booth service providers charge higher than what they would for a small scale birthday party. However, if you want to get the best deal then you need to do your research, get quotes from different service providers and compare them. Hire the one that justifies its price and carries a good reputation in the market. Not all photo booths are the same. The quality of photos varies wildly. Also, some photo booths offer Internet capabilities, giving your guests and you instant online access to your photos. The very best may cost a little more but are well worth the money.


Again, this depends on the type of corporate event you’re holding and the number of guests attending the event. For instance, an annual award function of your company will take less time, and the guest count would be lower. On the other hand, if it is a corporate annual dinner and dance, the booth will be required for at least 4 hours. You should make this explicitly clear and get into an agreement with the service provider, so they don’t charge extra due to the long hours. You should also understand that all guests need enough time to get their photographs taken, so calculate the time accordingly!


The quality of the photo booth is of critical importance as poor lighting, a camera using a low-quality kit lens and inadequate props can be a spoiler. Double check with the service provider and get only the best quality photo booth rented for your event.

Branding and logo

Check with the service provider whether they can attach a logo or banner of your company on the pictures taken, and if necessary, whether they allow the customised printing of a backdrop at a fee. You want everyone to remember the company event in all its glory, so consider this when hiring a corporate photo booth in Singapore. Having photo’s with your company’s branding and logo all over social media will be a huge boost for your brand’s visibility and online engagement.


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