Any seasoned professional in organising and staging high-profile corporate events will tell you that it can be hectic and overwhelming to execute a successful corporate function. First, the planning stage consumes a sizeable chunk of time, resources and energy and may disrupt the planner’s peace and comfort. And as much as it is everyone’s prayer that everything flows smoothly and the event is a success, creating a killer event isn’t easy.

Corporate parties are almost entirely formal, right from the dress code, the aura, food and refreshments and the events happening. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be turned to be an exciting and electrifying function. Any events planning expert will tell you it is doable and rightly so when you inject a bit of creativity into a meticulously organised event.

Start with the essential aspects – venue, décor, entertainment, food and beverage, and other must-haves for a corporate function. After that, think about the following:

Audio-visual aspect, think outside the ballroom

It is undeniable that every corporate event, regardless of its caliber, where it is held and its theme, must have good audio-visual effects. Again, because it is a corporate function, the expectations of clients, stakeholders and all attendants are understandably high. The speaker system must be clear and audible so the clients don’t doze off or lose interest in what the presenters are saying.

Accompanying that clear quality sound should be an element to keep the audience’s eye glued to the dais. Corporate events often involve a presentation, beautiful animations or just a screening of whatever is happening in front for all to see. Large screens and HD TVs can be perfect for a magical effect if the function is happening indoors.

You will have to be creative with how to introduce the wow aspect on the audio and visual aspects of the presentation. It could be hiding the speaker systems, using the TV screens artistically or anything that would make the party dramatic and jaw-dropping.

Colors, lighting and special effects – lightening the party up!

For a statement, a bold color can be very pragmatic, calming and memorable. Blue can be the dominant color, with others like red, orange or white placed at strategic points to accent the primary color.

To set the mood, keep the audience grounded and ensure the success of the party, be very particular about the choice of lighting. Lighting can be in form of floodlights, strobe lights or just plain with no glitzy effects. Of course, creating a “wow” corporate party means you choose excellent lighting and special effects. However, don’t select special effects and harsh disco lights at such a high-profile corporate party! 

Don’t forget a fun photo booth

There’s no point of having a corporate party without an incredibly fun photo booth. Thankfully, corporate photo booths in Singapore can come in handy to bring in an element of fun and hilarity for your guests. Ensure the photo booth comes with excellent, corporate-related props for extra fun! Most modern photo booths will come equipped with Internet capabilities, which will give you instant access to your photos, as a memento or to add to your social media feed.

The MC, the dais, and the dance floor

How awesome will the event be if every guest remains attentive, spirited and listening to the presenters?

To keep the party exciting, you will need a professional MC who knows how to keep the event going. Someone who isn’t excessively casual or formal and can crack a joke or two, wow the audience and keep the schedule going is worth hiring. As for the dais and the dance floor, ensure it is properly set up, perhaps embellished and visually appealing.


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