Photo Booth Singapore Polaroid Prints

Two New Photo Booth Print Formats

Our photo booths and roving photography services have had 3 different print sizes for a while now. Today, we are bursting with excitement as we announce the addition of a fourth size – Polaroid Prints measuring 4 X 3 inches (see image above for comparison with classic 4R prints).

Inspired by the ever-popular asthetics of Polaroid and Instax Wide film, our whimsical visual tinkerers in the clouds have come up with pretty designs available in 2 different formats for this new print size!

Go Old School with our Polaroid Format

Polaroid Print Singapore Photo Booth

Sample Design

The Polaroid format is a square photo format for all you Instagram lovers! Inherited from the good ol’ Polaroid instant film of yesteryear and made popular again in this century by Instagram, it is THE style to die for (according to some young people we’ve interrogated interviewed)!

Go Wide with our Instax Wide Format

Instax Wide Print Photo Booth Singapore

Sample Design

The Instax Wide format is for the all encompassing mind who wants his/ her friends and family to take photos all at once! It is for him/ her who is so used to a vast landscape, he/ she must have it all in each photo!

Warning: Injuries might result from squeezing 17 overly enthusiastic photoboothers into the frame. Some say Japanese train Pushers might be useful in this scenario. Gambatte!

For all our photo booth and roving photography packages. All designs are fully customisable and sure to please. No extra cost!

Contact us today and request our rates sheets!

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